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5 reasons to choose stone veneer Aluminium honeycomb panels over traditional stone

As a natural resource, stone and marble have a number of advantages for construction, particularly their durability and unique aesthetics. Whilst its range of colours, textures and patterns makes it exceptionally versatile in design.

However the weight, inflexibility and overall high cost of stone and mabrle has seen the use of these natural resources diminish. More recently architects and designers are looking for inventive ways to integrate stone, marble and their many benefits into projects.

Gilcrest Manufacturing can supply bespoke FM approved aluminium honeycomb panels to then be bonded to stone, marble and brick cladding.

Using stone and marble veneered Aluminium honeycomb panels in comparison to the traditional material has 5 key benefits:

Increased strength and stability – The aluminium honeycomb provides a more consistent, superior strength throughout the whole panel.

Lightweight – The reduced weight of the panel means less load stress is applied to the building or structure and the panels can easily be supported and safely used overhead on ceilings, walkways and light fittings.

Ease of Installation – Easier, safer and more secure installation.

Design Flexibility – Lightweight and high strength allows architects and designers the freedom to utilise composite stone panels in ways that heavy and fragile solid stone can’t be.

Cost Efficiencies – Due to the properties of stone veener panels there are reduced costs in labour, transportation, cutting and the amount of actual stone required.

Gilcrest Manufacturing produce bespoke FM approved, fire rated and GMP compliant aluminium honeycomb panels – ideal for combining with natural stone and marble veneer. (Note: Gilcrest Manufacturing only offers the lightweight panels for the stone, marble or brick cladding. We do not supply stone and marble composite panels as a finished product.)

For more information on Gilcrest Manufacturing and lightweight stone aluminium honeycomb panels call 0117 316 7020, email or contact us.