Puracore Specialist Items

Our Specialist Puracore Items are here to enhance your project by increasing the functionality and features of the cleanroom, whilst maintaining high cleanliness standards and cleanroom system quality.

Product Details

Our range of Puracore Specialist Items are available to ensure the cleanroom system caters for a variety of end-user requirements. We understand that a cleanroom system is more than just a structure, as many projects require additional features such as cable containment and transfer hatches to ensure the end-user can operate safely and efficiently. We also offer a large range of cleanroom lab furniture that is specifically designed and manufactured for the cleanroom market, ensuring ISO 14644 standards are met.


  • Lab Furniture

  • Walk On Flush Fit Light Fitting

  • Flush Dado Panel

  • Air Return Box

  • Transfer Hatch

  • Rip Out Panel

  • 50mm Raceway Panel

  • Concealed Conduit Panel

About Puracore

Puracore is our FM approved, cleanroom system brand. It offers installers the complete fully flush system required to build a state-of-the-art cleanroom, using high-quality honeycomb panels. Our Puracore system has been installed in 28 different countries, across 5 continents, and is being used by companies such as Rolls-Royce, Pfizer and GSK.