Puracore Ceilings

Our Puracore system ensures a complete, flexible and high-quality cleanroom is produced by offering walk-on and non-walk-on ceilings, both of which have advantages depending on your project’s requirements. Our walk-on ceilings are market-leading in load to thickness.

Product Details

We offer carefully engineered Puracore Ceiling Systems that are suitable for all types of cleanroom projects. Both walk-on and non walk-on ceilings are available, depending on your specification. Our walk-on ceiling is recognised as a market-leading system in terms of load-to-thickness, which allows it to bear greater weights for the same panel thickness when compared to other products on the market. Our grid ceiling system offers total flexibility for the end user by using interchangeable tiles, making it easier to adjust the system in the future.


  • 50mm Aluminium Honeycomb Ceiling Panel

  • 65mm Aluminium Honeycomb Ceiling Panel

  • Ceiling Ancillary Frame

  • Grid Ceiling – Walk On

  • Grid Ceiling – Non-Walk On

  • UB403 Ceiling Hanger

  • Top Hat Hanger

  • Concealed Suspension Hanger

About Puraore

Puracore is our FM approved, cleanroom system brand. It offers installers the complete fully flush system required to build a state-of-the-art cleanroom, using high-quality honeycomb panels. Our Puracore system has been installed in 28 different countries, across 5 continents, and is being used by companies such as Rolls-Royce, Pfizer and GSK.