Puracore Doors

We understand the importance of a cleanroom door is as high as the rest of the room. We offer a wide range of doors and door furniture, each suitable for varying cleanroom projects. Our Puracore Fully-Flush Cleanroom Door has been engineered to ensure the same standard of cleanroom performance is maintained throughout the whole room, minimising the transfer of dust and microbes.

Product Details

We offer a range of doors that are suitable for a variety of cleanroom projects. Our Puracore Fully Flush Door is a popular choice for most cleanroom specifications because it’s offered in a range of colours, and finishes, and just as the name suggests, it gives a flush solution to both sides, helping ensure that trapped dust and contaminants are kept to a minimum.

Also included in our range are magnetic locking doors, rapid-rise doors, clamp frame doors and sliding doors, all with their uses for varying cleanroom grades and specifications.


  • Sliding Doors

  • Flush Cleanroom Door

About Puracore

Puracore is our FM approved, cleanroom system brand. It offers installers the complete fully flush system required to build a state-of-the-art cleanroom, using high-quality honeycomb panels. Our Puracore system has been installed in 28 different countries, across 5 continents, and is being used by companies such as Rolls-Royce, Pfizer and GSK.