Our Solutions.

We manufacture market-leading composite panel solutions for a variety of different industry sectors across the globe, ensuring that our customers and partners have the right products for their projects.

Our Approach

Our approach is centered on ensuring your requirements are met as professionally and efficiently as possible. After decades of experience and thousands of projects, we know exactly what is needed to best complete your project, from start to finish.

Consideration of sustainability and the environment isa very important factor in the way in which we carry out your projects which has meant we have taken significant measures to minimise our carbon footprint.

Our Puracore range offers all the components required to construct a fully-flush, FM-approved cleanroom system. Click to see why companies such as Pfizer, GSK and AstraZeneca use Puracore for their projects.

Puracoustic panels offer high-quality acoustic housing and soundproofing for projects with specialist acoustic requirements.

Puraweld is a specialist cleanroom PVC weld & filler that offers a quick cure time and an easy application for onsite installers.

Our Gilcrest Customised range offers panels tailored to projects with custom requirements.