Puracoustic panels offer high-quality acoustic housing and soundproofing for projects with specialist acoustic requirements. We have worked with many clients on projects where the room’s acoustics greatly impact the results of their operations. With that in mind, we specifically designed our Puracoustic range to ensure that Sound Reflection, Sound Absorption and Sound Diffusion are all optimised for achieving the perfect sound within the environment.

Our Solutions

The range is led by a panel which features an insulating mineral fibre core, with a perforated steel finish to create sound absorbing acoustic panels. These panels are interfaced with a male/female slip joint that provides simple construction and a continuation of sound-absorbing performance throughout. These acoustic panels are utilised in any environment where noise transmission and reverberation need to be reduced to create an improved acoustic environment. It is suitable for use as tough, functional wall and ceiling panelling for areas that demand a high level of impact resistance and where panels need to be cleaned regularly.

Sound reflection is most experienced as an echo where a sound wave is reflected to its source with sufficient strength and time lag to be separately distinguished. An echo that is reflected again and again from different surfaces is called reverberation and this can be a common cause of poor acoustic performance in any large area with lots of hard, reflective surfaces.

Sound absorption is where the primary wave of sound hits a material and is absorbed rather than reflected. The thicker and more fibrous the acoustic material is, the better the absorption.

Sound diffusion is the process by which a sound wave is distributed into a space. The more uniformly distributed the sound pressure is, the better the diffusion. This is important in areas such as concert halls, lecture theatres and studios, to avoid places where the sound is weak due to dead spots. Diffusers are used instead of, or in addition to, sound absorbers because they do not remove sound energy but can effectively reduce distinct echoes and reflections.

  • Class A
    Sound Absorber
  • Class A
    Spread of Flame
  • Sound


  • Channel Base
  • Tongue & Groove Panel Joints
  • Pre-formed Corners
  • Integrates with Optional Acoustic Door
  • Optional Integral Acoustic Louvres
  • Joining Sections for Adjoining Enclosures
  • Optional Acoustic Flooring

Typical Projects

  • Sound Absorption Enclosures
  • Plant Rooms
  • Plant Machinery Capsules
  • Sound Absorbing Screens
  • Multi Use Buildings
  • Compressor Housings

Solutions by Puracoustic

Bringing you optimised and controlled sound.

  • 50mm Soundproof Panel


“At Gilcrest, we are able to offer an extensive range of high-quality professional acoustic panelling systems (Puracoustic). Puracoustic is certified to ISO 9001 for both product and complete systems. This panelling system is the perfect solution for controlling a room’s sound through the use of sound reflection, sound absorption and sound diffusion.”

Abdallah Nasser, Contracts Co-ordinator

About Puracoustic

Our Puracoustic panelling is used for a large variety of different projects including acoustic housing for generators, sound control in theatres/cinemas and plant machinery capsules. It can be used to control and optimise sound, ensuring your environment offers both a safe and enjoyable experience to your staff and customers.