About Pharmaceutical

The Pharmaceutical sector, which includes all aspects of pharmaceutical and biological sectors from research and development to manufacturing facilities, is easily the biggest sector for us as a cleanroom manufacturer. This means we regularly work on several pharmaceutical projects at any given time.  It also provides reassurance that we fully understand what requirements are needed for this sector. 

The wake of ever-increasing legislation, particularly more stringent legislation around cleanrooms, has led to a surge in demand for our Puracore cleanroom systems.

The surge over the past few years has also put pressure on timeframes.  Throughout this period of time, we ensured that all timelines were met.  This is due to our flexibility and focus on working closely with the customer on each of their projects.  Our approach is to become an extension to your team and help you bring your specification to life.

Cleanroom panels are required to meet the most stringent medical standards and requirements.  Cleanroom environments are designed to minimise the presence of particles and contamination due to small particles having the potential to cause product defects or compromise the safety of products.

Our Puracore System

One of the important requirements is for the materials used in pharmaceutical projects to be non-shedding, which makes our Puracore honeycomb panels perfect for this.  A non-shedding core is an important feature within pharmaceutical cleanrooms because it provides a surface that is less likely to shed particles or contaminants.  This reduces the risk of contamination and improves the quality of the cleanroom environment.

Our panels and system are made from the highest quality range of materials such as PVC laminate which in turn meets the rigorous cleaning requirements that are needed for this industry. We are able to support you with surface material selection versus your required cleaning regime.  Typically, there is a solution for all common cleaning chemicals.

When combined with our windows, doors and accessories it creates a fully flush system ensuring that it is easy to clean and maintain cleanliness and minimising particulars. All of this meets the high standards required for the pharmaceutical sector as well as laboratories, healthcare and biotech sectors.

Our fully flush cleanroom system also carries the FM rating which is a typical requirement in the pharmaceutical sector and we are able to support all ISO cleanroom grades as well as Federal GMP.

Key Benefits

There are key benefits to a fully flush system which is highly relevant within this sector:

  • Enhanced cleanliness is achieved due to the lack of crevices and gaps where dust and other contamination can accumulate. This in terms makes it easier to clean.
  • The airflow within a fully flush system provides consistency as there are no obstructions.
  • The durability is improved as panels are less likely to become damaged or dislodged.
  • There is great flexibility as the cleanroom can be customised to meet the exact requirements. Lighting, air handling units and other components can be integrated spacing space and reducing installation time
  • A seamless appearance enhances the overall appearance of the cleanroom creating a positive impression

The fully flush system ensures ledges are kept to a minimum, and the system can support the relevant air handling and positive pressure that is required. We work with several specialist installers to ensure that all the relevant requirements are met within the cleanroom construction. They understand and can support all elements of the cleanroom construction from physical separation to ensure that material is transferred effectively, and air handling is as per requirements.

The global size of the pharmaceutical market is over 1.48 trillion dollars and covers everything from pharmaceutical manufacturing, and complex therapies to oral research. Our system is used by some of the largest pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and GlazoSmithKline. However, there is a strong crossover in the Life Sciences, Laboratories including Universities, Oral and Vision care, as well as Cell Therapy markets.

    • 2,200
      m2 of Panelling
    • Bespoke
      Vision Panels
    Featured Case Study:

    Collaborating with a leading US based clean room installer

    Puracore manufactured and supplied around 2,000m² of FM approved Puracore 50mm aluminium honeycomb paneling with a white foodsafe PVC laminate, complete with channel base and tight fit aluminium tongues joints for silicone sealing. 29 vision panels were manufactured to bespoke sizes and provided a flush fit to the rest of the cleanroom.