Without high-quality sealants and adhesives, you simply won’t have a high-quality cleanroom system.

We offer several different sealants and adhesives, depending on your project requirements and preferences. The range we offer includes our very own Puraweld, which is our most popular vinyl weld and is often used for our US. Projects. We also offer a variety of Silicone Sealants such as Dowe Corning 786 as well as black silicone to match our vision panel surrounds.


Puraweld was born through us listening to the needs of our trusted cleanroom installation partners and providing a practical solution to some of their issues with current market offerings. We were already aware that the products already in use could be improved for installation engineers, so we decided to create our own product which offers a much faster cure time and easier application. Some of the issues included:

  • Difficult application due to product design
  • Vinyl welds corroding the nozzle
  • Small tubes meant an expensive rate per ml for the customer
  • 48 Hr
    Cure Time
  • Easy
  • High

Our Solutions

We have developed a high-grade plastic tubing that resists the effects of the vinyl weld. This also allows for standardisation, making caulking, silicon guns and tooling easier. This tube is supplied in a larger size to help minimise waste but also to make Puraweld a more cost-efficient alternative for our customers. 

A range of nozzles can be fitted to the Puraweld tube, offering versatility for the installers depending on their preference.

  • MS Polymers

    We can supply MS polymers products to either seal joints or bond back liner panels and walls. Furthermore, based on quantities, these can be colour matched to a variety of different RALs.

    • MS polymers provide a very good seal for bonding or sealing
    • MS polymers are very flexible
    • You can overpaint some ms polymers, but on large enough quantities, we can also offer colour options
    • MS polymers have good credentials in safety adhesive for the user and the environment
    • MS polymers have very good weathering resistance
    • We have bonded many thousands of m2 of our plasterboard panel using our range of MS polymers
  • 1 Part PU Adhesive

    Gilcrest can help supply PU adhesives suitable for adhering back liner panels, as well as many other applications. These can be supplied in hand apply or canister spray forms to suit your preference.

    We have a range of PU adhesives tested with our panel.

    The advantages of polyurethane adhesives are that they are both durable and flexible. This means they can withstand more wear and tear without cracking and because of this, the bond they provide lasts much longer than many other types of adhesives.


“We are really pleased to offer a PVC tight joint sealant and filler product that works as a great compliment to our Puracore PVC panels. This product is easier to apply than many on the market, due to a slightly greater viscosity. Manufacturing materials have been carefully selected to ensure they are suitable for hygienic environments.”

– Stephen Griffiths | Contracts & Engineering Director