Automotive & EV

The Automotive & EV sector is another rapidly growing market, with the use of various electronics and batteries in cars increasing every year, the need for cleanrooms increases at the same rate. Much like the Semiconductors & Microelectronics sector, the importance of keeping dust and contaminants away from the car components is paramount during the manufacturing process.

The Demands

The Automotive sector demands a high standard of cleanliness in their manufacturing plants to ensure no dust and contaminants can interfere with their vehicle electronics, as well as the robots used to build them, ensuring they uphold a reputation of high-quality products. We have provided cleanroom solutions for several of the biggest names in the automotive industry, including McLaren, JLR, Rolls-Royce and Caterpillar. They are known for producing some of the world’s best cars and therefore require world-class production facilities to build them in. This is why our products were chosen for their projects.