About Us.

Who We Are

We are an industry-leading composite panel manufacturer that specialises in cleanroom systems. We will efficiently deliver high-quality products that meet your project specification.

We pride ourselves on having built an ever-growing team of talented individuals that ensure your job is completed smoothly and professionally from start to finish. Our team is a diverse group that fully understands the cleanroom market that we operate in, giving you assurances that your products and designs will be completed to the highest standards ensuring that all bases are covered.

Our Story

After starting the business in 2002, our founder, Kevin, has worked with the team to grow us into a reputable international manufacturer of composite panels, and most notably, cleanroom panels. With the development of our cleanroom-specific brand, Puracore, we’ve established a strong name in the cleanroom market and have built lasting relationships with some of the industry’s leading project managers and installers. Our FM-Approved Puracore aluminium honeycomb panels are highly acclaimed by industry experts and used by companies such as Rolls-Royce, Pfizer and Dyson.

We have successfully developed symbiotic relationships with our trusted partner installers. They are all specialists within various markets and countries, giving us a broad scope to execute your project, regardless of complexity or location.

Over the years, we have shipped to 28 countries across 5 different continents, including a total of 23 different states within the US. As we continue to build relationships and grow rapidly, we expect these numbers to increase!

In 2022, we achieved the status of Carbon Neutral, an accomplishment that we’ve worked very hard to achieve and hold with pride. We think that it’s vital for us to take responsibility for our environmental impact and to take action to reduce this every year. From funding green energy farms in India to powering a whole factory with just solar energy, we’ve applied a lot of resources to ensure that our carbon footprint is as small as possible and ensuring we lead the way for other businesses in our industry.

If you would like to know more about us or our products, then please feel free to contact our sales team and they will happily answer your questions.

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Our Customers


“From 2021, we started the detailed process of full carbon accounting against the UN carbon neutral now standard.

We found the process very rewarding, and involved logging all business carbon usage, setting improvement plans to measure and reduce.

Furthermore, we were involved in projects to contribute to environmental improvement.

We were thrilled that all this work resulted in a combination of gold and silver awards on our CNN badge.”

Steve Griffith | Contracts & Engineering Director