Life Sciences

The Life Sciences sector is one of the less obvious ones, but our honeycomb core panels are perfectly suited for its various uses due to the high strength to weight ratio, offering better fuel efficiency for the marine vessel. In addition to marine wall panels, our aluminium honeycomb panels are commonly used for marine furniture.

About Life Sciences

This sector works in a similar environment to the pharmaceutical sector which in turn requires specialist building materials such as cleanroom panels. Our Puracore panels are manufactured with materials that are easy to clean and disinfect and are designed to provide a high level of air filtration and contamination control.

The Life Science sector covers the study of living organisms, their behaviours, and their interactions with the environment. The primary focus of life science is to understand the principles and processes that affect the behaviour and function of living organisms. The aim is to improve human health, develop new medicines and increase our understanding of the natural world hence the need to create a clean and safe environment. This, therefore, means it has close links with the pharmaceutical sector, often preceding it in the timeline of bringing new products to the market.

Cleanroom panels are required to meet the most stringent legal standards and requirements, and Life Science Cleanroom projects are no exception. Cleanroom environments are designed to minimise the presence of particles and contamination due to small particles having the potential to cause product defects, compromise the safety of products or affect the results of tests and experiments.

The modular design of our Puracore panel system suits the life science environment as it allows for easy installation and reconfiguration if needed. There is also the ability to integrate lighting, airlocks and HEPA filters to further enhance performance and create a fully flushed finish.

Our panels support the highest grade of cleanroom required which delivers against the level of cleanliness needed. We are able to recommend experienced installers who can support all the way from design to construction. With fire safety also being of utmost importance, the right installation partners are imperative to every project.

We can offer a range of finishes to your project requirements, but much like the pharmaceutical sector, the white food-safe laminate is usually chosen for Life Science projects as it has long-lasting resistance to heavy-cleaning regimes typically seen in science labs, whilst being non-toxic to organisms and materials.

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      Puracore Ceiling Panels
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      Puracore Wall Panels
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    Featured Case Study:

    University Research Lab, Edinburgh

    Iris Project Solutions are a Design & Build Engineering Company, regularly working within the cleanroom sector since 2014. They are industry specialists with lots of experience working on other similar projects including:

    • Laboratory design and build
    • Biologists Facilities
    • Research Facilities
    • Gas & Chemical Distribution

    Their typical clients are normally Research & Development labs, Universities and Industry companies.