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Gilcrest Manufacturing GRP Panels

Gilcrest Manufacturing have the capabilities to bond glass reinforced plastic sheets directly to our composite panels, including aluminium honeycomb cores, to fabricate strong and lightweight GRP panels. The combination of our high-performance sandwich panels and GRP finishes provides light and durable panels for a huge number of applications, bespoke to each project. 

Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) or glass fibre-reinforced plastic (GFRP), is a strengthened polymer made of a plastic reinforced by very fine fibres of glass. GRP is a lightweight, extremely robust and strong material.

It’s advantages include high tensile strength, resistance to corrosion/chemicals and non-conductive characteristics. These benefits work together to deliver a cost effective and durable product. The strength to weight ratio also favours GRP when compared to some traditional materials.

There are a massive range of different GRP finishes available to match precise applications and bespoke projects. These finishes include but are not limited to:

  • Standard, textured and coloured for commerical vehicles, facades and flooring
  • Non-slip for commerical vehicle, marine and warehouse flooring
  • Easy clean and antibac for clean environments and hospitals

Gilcrest has the capabilities to bond GRP materials to our composite panels, either directly to the core (eg aluminium honeycomb) or to a skin of aluminium or steel, to provide an even stronger panel solution.

Our FM Approved aluminium honeycomb core panels are FM Approved, non-combustible and Class 0 for surface spread of flame. As always our GRP panels are manufactured bespoke in our ISO Accredited, Bristol based factory. Every panel is tailor made to your project – dimensions, thickness and materials can all be customised to provide the best solution.

For more information on our GRP panels, give one of the friendly team a ring on +44 (0)117 316 7020, email or visit the Contact Us pag