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Gilcrest Manufacturing export growth on the rise as the stronger Euro means UK manufacturers are more attractive than ever

European purchasers will find importing from the UK cheaper than ever due to the weakened Pound. Bristol-based Gilcrest Manufacturing is benefiting from this current exchange rate as it steps up production and hiring to keep pace with this strong demand from Europe.

The latest sector survey has shown an improvement in UK manufacturing performance, powered by a surge in exports and Gilcrest is no exception to the trend.

It was estimated that the recent elections and Brexit decision would inflate manufacturer’s costs and adversely affect UK firms but despite this Gilcrest have consistently exceeded sales and production.

Gilcrest Manufacturing are also continuing development and growth as well as planning to hit new markets overseas.

“Confidence is high at Gilcrest Manufacturing, demonstrating a business doing its best to ignore political and European uncertainty around them and focus on the success of its operations.” Kevin Gillham, CEO, Gilcrest Manufacturing.

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