Puracore® Cleanrooms

Gilcrest’s specialist cleanroom division and product range Puracore® offers premium, bespoke cleanroom solutions tailored to your exact project specifications, offering simplicity and flexibility in design. Having designed and manufactured bespoke panels specifically for cleanrooms for over 15 years, Gilcrest have developed these products to meet all ISO 14644 cleanroom classification requirements, are FM approved, fire approved and CE marked. The Puracore® cleanroom systems meet the highest ISO and GMP quality standards required for Class 3-9 cleanrooms worldwide.

The Puracore® cleanroom range is led by the FM approved aluminium honeycomb core panel which is available in 65mm, 50mm, 40mm, 17.5mm and 10mm thicknesses. With 50mm the most popular within the range as it provides a high specification option with an excellent strength to weight ratio. Alternatively, the Puracore® 17.5mm aluminium honeycomb lining panel is an effective single wall option for any class of cleanrooms and is perfect for lining existing block walls or studwork as well as upgrading existing facilities. The latest Puracore® development of 65mm panels provides walk-on ceiling panel solutions capable of bearing loads up to 3kN.

If required panels can be manufactured with various cores including PIR, mineral fibre and paper honeycomb. And to meet the requirements of each project, panels are available with a number of finishes which include polyester, PET, uPVC, Stainless Steel, Aluminium Powder Coat and Galvanised Steel.

In addition to the bespoke panelling system Puracore® can offer recess bases, flush fitting windows and doors, raceway panels and air return panels as well as a number of other accessories and trims.

All Puracore® products go through a rigorous quality control process to ensure the finished product meets the customers’ expectations and requirements. This manufacturing process takes place at our own ISO 9001 accredited manufacturing site in Bristol ensuring each component is tailored to the exact specifications required. Allowing customers to order exactly what they need to achieve the best possible solution for their application.

Every cleanroom component is specifically designed and precision engineered to allow for simple construction with the highest quality finish. Cleanroom panels and fittings are supplied with drawings, technical manuals and installation guides to support installation teams at every stage of construction. However due to their modular design Puracore® products consistently receive positive feedback regarding the simplicity of installation.

The Puracore® range can provide a solution across all cleanroom classifications and applications whatever the requirements, so even if you do not find exactly what you need within our range please contact us and we will do our best to match your bespoke specifications.

For more information on Gilcrest Manufacturing and Puracore® please call 0117 216 7020 or Contact Us.