Client: AFM, PCI Pharama Services

Installer: AFM

PCI Pharma Services – High Potency Packing Facility (HPPF)

PCI Pharma Services is a global fully integrated “Molecule to market” service provider. They are one
of the go-to companies for the operations of bringing pharmaceuticals to the market.

  • FM
  • 1,900
  • Pre-Built
  • Grade

Project Details

AFM Ltd approached us with this project for one of PCI’s High Potency Packing Facilities in Wales,
UK. It involved several cleanrooms constructed using our Puracore Aluminium Honeycomb panels
finished in uPVC White Food Safe laminate and complete with a box frame to 3 edges.

Required for:
• Pharmaceutical Primary and Secondary Bottling packaging
• Pharmaceutical Primary and Secondary Blister packaging
• Tooling rooms
• Storing / Warehouse
• Access Corridors
• Behind clean area service routes

Products Used:
• 850m2 Puracore 50mm Honeycomb Ceiling Panels
• 1,050m2 Puracore 50mm Honeycomb Wall Panels with internal conduits.
• 270m2 Puracore 17.5mm Liner panels
• 7 Puracore Vision panels
• 7 Rip-Out Panels
• Recessed base (50mm Puracore Panels)
• Recessed base (17.5mm Liner Panels)
• Pre-cut apertures on panels

The Installer
AFM (SW) LTD are a project management company based in Wales, UK, and for more than 18 years
have specialised in carrying out both internal and external design and build works including
laboratories, offices, groundwork, structural building work, all being large scale and small scale
depending on the clients’ requirements.

Why they use Puracore:
• High quality products
• Ease of design
• Floor to wall and wall to ceiling transitions are very clean and easy to work with


"We have worked with Gilcrest on previous projects and appreciated their understanding of cleanrooms from design, build. With the PCI project being of such a large scale their assistance throughout was greatly appreciated and the manor of assistance with amendments, deliveries, and reactiveness to name a few was excellent. Furthermore, we are using them on small and larger projects we have received and are planning ongoing. Through all departments and personnel within Gilcrest I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a system that is high quality and intricate design process throughout. They communicate and work with the client through all stages of the project and assist greatly in meeting deadlines and design stages including (holding your hand) to better understand the product including installation advise."

- Martyn Wells Managing Director | AFM Ltd