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Puracore Ceiling Panels

Puracore® launch their brand new 65mm walkable ceiling panels

Gilcrest Manufacturing’s Puracore® have launched a brand new FM Approved 65mm walk-on working deck panel which can take loads up to 3kn per m2 with 2.5m spans.

These 65mm thick Puracore® modular ceiling panels are designed as a progressive build system, providing quick assembly and if used in conjunction with Puracore® concealed suspension can provide a completely flush internal surface. These panels are versatile and can be tailored to all requirements including all necessary apertures for implementation of lights, piping, ventilation and air conditioning.

Walk-on working deck ceilings are ideal for those who need to access light fittings, ventilation and air conditioning systems regularly. And the Puracore® 65mm range means this can be achieved safely and effectively.

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