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Gilcrest Manufacturing retains the Global Seal of Approval from FM

It’s that time of year again. Bi-annually Gilcrest’s Aluminium Honeycomb cored panels and the process of manufacturing these are audited by FM Global to ensure they conform with regulations set to achieve the FM Approval Standard 4882, the standard for Class 1 Interior Wall and Ceiling Materials or Systems for Smoke Sensitive Occupancies.

Gilcrest have again passed the audit and our bespoke honeycomb panels are FM Approved to the Class 4882. The continued positive outcome of our FM audit processes outlines Gilcrest  Manufacturing’s is consistency in manufacturing and operations. One of many examples that we continue to strive to be a leading composite panel manufacturer.

What is FM Approval? FM Approvals is the independent testing arm of FM Global, an international insurance carrier. The corporation uses technical testing and audit to ensure products conform to the highest standards and regulations for safety and prevention of damage and property loss. Products that pass the audit get the “FM APPROVED” mark. A global seal of approval.

Our FM Approved Aluminium Honeycomb panels can be used and installed with the confidence that they continue to meet the quality required.

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