Sound Absorbing Insulated Panels With Mineral Fibre Core

Non-combustible bonded mineral fibre with excellent sound-proofing, fire resistance and insulating properties. This high performance core has many uses, in particular within our Puracoustic® panelling range.
The mineral fibre insulation core repels moisture, is vapour permeable, free of CFC’s and fully recyclable. In addition the core is completely vermin and rot proof and virtually eliminates the growth of fungi, mould and bacteria. These properties mean mineral wool is widely used in residential and commercial insulation. And because of its exceptionally high melting point, it is often used for fire proofing, fire stops and to surround high temperature applications like cooking appliances.

Gilcrest Manufacturing utilises mineral fibre cores heavily in its acoustic panel range. Acoustic insulated panels feature the sound absorbing mineral fibre core and are manufactured with a perforated steel finish to create sound proof acoustic panels, booths, enclosures and ceilings.

Our insulated panels are designed to absorb airborne noise therefore reducing noise transmission, and to reduce reverberation within a room providing an ideal solution for sound enclosures around plant machinery, compressors, generators and other noise sources.

As well as its applications in industrial and construction sectors the Gilcrest Acoustic insulated panels range can be used in any environment where noise transmission and reverberation needs to be reduced to create an improved acoustic environment. This can include theatres, cinemas, recording studios, stadiums, arenas, schools, colleges, universities, plant rooms, control rooms, prisons, police stations, and leisure centres.

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