Lightweight Panels for Marine Applications

To improve fuel efficiencies and engine performance marine vessels need to reduce the weight carried by as much as possible.

Gilcrest can manufacture and supply bespoke panels for lightweight marine furniture, worktops and decorative panelling.

Gilcrest Manufacturing bespoke aluminium honeycomb panels provide the perfect solution to shed weight when manufacturing interior furniture for accommodation areas of cruise ships, yachts, ferry boats and all types of work boats.

The aluminium honeycomb panel can be used internally to support the rest of the structure. The honeycomb structure offers a lightweight yet extremely strong core along with a precise flat finish. This makes our panels ideal for large pieces of furniture such as long dining tables and worktops.

Gilcrest can manufacture these panels in range of dimensions, thicknesses and materials. If required we may be able to bond specialist materials to our panels to match the aesthetics of a project.

These panels have been tested, accredited and approved. They hold an FM Approval, CE Marking and our manufactured at our ISO 9001:2015 Accredited manufacturing facility.

For more information on our aluminium honeycomb panels and their advantages in Marine applications please email or call 0117 316 7020.