London Paddington Station

Ceiling panels used for refurbishing the London Paddington station

Gilcrest Manufacturing were approached by Digital Ceilings to supply and deliver ceiling panels for London Paddington Station, which receives an average of 30 million passengers a year. Designed by the famous English engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, this historic site has been the London terminus of the Great Western Railway and its’ successors since 1838.

The supply of ceiling panels for improved durability and aesthetics

The brief was to supply and deliver 280 panels for cladding the ceiling of the waiting area in London Paddington station.

The key objectives were for the panels to provide a sustainable, practical and aesthetic solution to an area that is used regularly by commuters. The panels were to form part of London Paddington stations’ overall refurbishment, with the aim to improve customer experience and maximise longevity of the Grade II listed building.

Panel materials used to achieve project requirements

Working closely with London Underground and Digital Ceilings, Gilcrest Manufacturing were able to provide detailed documentation on the panel materials that would best suit the individual project brief. The panel core and facing, thickness, size and curvature were all stringently considered in order to provide the most practical solution.

While the panel core consisted of a Rockwool soffit slab providing effective fire resistance and thermal insulation, stainless steel was used for the panel facing to under draw the soffit. The most significant advantage of stainless steel is that it does not rot, crack, or absorb moisture – therefore adding strength and durability to the building’s structure. Stainless steel is also lighter when compared with other cladding materials, making the installation process easier for everyone involved, whilst its’ versatility enabled Gilcrest Manufacturing to create a 90 degree turn to the panels edge.

Aside from practicality, stainless steel ceiling panels also have an aesthetic advantage: their flush, contemporary finish creates a reflective, clean and timeless design that is easy to maintain.

Stainless steel and the consideration of sustainability

Stainless steel ceiling panels are made from common metals, which means at the end of their useful life they are typically easy to recycle; this reduces the amount of energy required to extract new materials.

The finished result of London Paddington’s waiting area

Gilcrest Manufacturing’s highly experienced and qualified engineers, CAD designers and production personnel were focused on ensuring they provided the best product solutions for Digital Ceilings and the London Underground.

The ceiling panels within the waiting area have contributed to the delivery of a new and improved station terminal, making train journeys more enjoyable for the large number of daily commuters.

John Powell, Digital Ceilings & Partitions Ltd, commented on the project’s success:

“Delivery was on time and I was very satisfied with the product and the communication with the Gilcrest Manufacturing team. I am very likely to use the company’s services in the future”

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