Specialist manufacturer of spray booths

Client: Spraybooth

Installer: Gilcrest Customised

Spray booth project for industry leaders

Spraybooth are a market-leading specialist manufacturer and installer of spray booths, commonly used for automotive, aerospace, high-volume conveyorised production and large-scale specialist projects.

Project Details

They have been operating in this sector since 1993 which has allowed them to develop unmatched expertise and consolidate their position as industry leaders.

Spray shops are among the most difficult environments to work in, which is why Spraybooth use our high-quality and durable panels.

Why Spraybooth choose to continually use Gilcrest products for their projects:

  • We can provide Spraybooth with a Gilcrest Bespoke 1250mm wide non-framed spraybooth panel.
  • Our Gilcrest Bespoke PIR panel offers an easy build on free standing structural thermally insulated panels up to 5.6m tall.
  • We provide can provide these panels with an easy-to-assemble tongue and groove frame system.
  • We can change the core of the panels to thermally insulated core to accommodate the customer requirements

The flexibility and versatility of our manufacturing system mean that we can adjust the products to fit the requirements of the customer. For example, we can easily change the core of the panel to a thermally insulated core, if the project requires a temperature-controlled environment.


"We have always received a high level of customer service from Gilcrest with each new project, and Gilcrest has been involved with many over the years. Our customers expect a quality product delivered on time and we have been able to achieve this with their support."

- Ray Ruscher - Supply Chain Manager