Greenwich Market

Corrugated roof panels for a new roof at Greenwich Market

Gilcrest Manufacturing’s bespoke composite corrugated roof panels were chosen for a new roof at London’s popular Greenwich Market as part of a major development reinvigorating the historic site.

The Greenwich Market redevelopment involved 4 phases over 18 months. Phase 1 was to create a new public space and storage areas for trades, phase 2 was to give the market place a new roof and lighting, phase 3 replaced the cobblestone floor and improve drainage and phase 4 involved the completion of the new pavilion to be enjoyed by traders and shoppers alike.

Project requirements for the redevelopment

The large 1150m2 ceiling required 647 bespoke panels to be supplied by Gilcrest Manufacturing; these were to be placed alongside large panes of glazing, laid out in a staggered manner and supported by the iron frame kept from the previous roof.

Whilst the ceiling had to increase the strength and durability of the building, the integration of both glazing and panelling had to also work to achieve aesthetic appeal and improved lighting in order to rejuvenate the existing space.

The supply of bespoke ribbed panels for ceiling

From the initial discussion through to estimating, design, prototype, engineering and delivery, Gilcrest Manufacturing’s skilled and dedicated team proposed their ribbed panels as an ideal choice for the project brief.

Composite corrugated, or ‘ribbed’ panels are becoming an increasingly popular choice for architectural design; corrugated metal brings a unique texture and has the versatility to work well in a variety of applications.

For Greenwich Market, the solid, lightweight panels with a ribbed facing produce a tough, stable and attractive ceiling structure when integrated with the segments of glazing.

Before installation, each panel was individually inspected to ensure engineering standards were met. This is supported by an ISO certification, CE marked products and an FM (Factory Mutual) approval, all contributing to the ‘Continuous Improvement’ ethos.

Clever design and product selection for historic market

Gilcrest Manufacturing were able to provide the right product to deliver the best possible performance, meet safety requirements and achieve the desired aesthetic for Greenwich market, preserving the building’s character.

Based on Barr Gazetas’ design plans, the new ceiling that merges both metal and glazed panels lets plenty of natural daylight through to the stalls below, whilst providing both a contemporary and artistic feature.

Ultimately, it’s clear to see that careful consideration was given to Greenwich market’s redevelopment scheme, in order to ensure that the atmosphere of the space was preserved, whilst its’ unique range of shops and stalls encourage new visitors from across London, the UK and beyond. Gilcrest Manufacturing were delight to be involved in the makeover of this historic market.

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