GlaxoSmithKline ‘Beta’ Building

Manufacturing bespoke walk-on ceiling panels and components for a prototype building system

Gilcrest Manufacturing partnered with Integrated Design and Operations Consultancy for the built environment, Bryden Wood, on a pioneering project for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, GlaxoSmithKline.

We manufactured and supplied various components and ceiling panels for The ‘Factory in a Box’ an idea developed by Bryden Wood and GSK.

The project involved a prototype modular building being manufactured and built as a demonstration of quality and compliance. The whole facility was delivered to site in containers and boxes that contained every component in order for easy construction.

Gilcrest manufactured pre-engineered components and high specification lightweight ceiling panels for the project. Gilcrest Manufacturing exceeded normal requirements, manufacturing bespoke components which were then colour coded to allow for an easy-to-follow construction system.

Our ceiling panels were then manufactured bespoke to project requirements to fit the structural steel frame that was pre-engineered and included electrical and plumbing works. Further to this we added QR codes to each panel so that they could be scanned and installed on site for simple construction.

The project resulted in a showcase prototype for GSK that demonstrates the standard, compliance and ease of construction of ‘Factory In A Box’. After completing this first build of the prototype it allowed an accurate cost and time required to build these facilities.

During the project Gilcrest Manufacturing went above and beyond in manufacture to provide bespoke solutions for GSK and Brydenwood. This involved manufacturing bespoke ceiling panels, attaching QR codes to the corresponding panels for installation, colour coding components and specialist packing.

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