Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, Catapult, Stevenage

Client: CREST/Merit

Installer: CREST

Pharmaceutical manufacturer’s facility

CREST approached us with this sizeable project for a large pharmaceutical manufacturer’s facility in Stevenage, UK. This expansion project saw an additional 4,375sqm cleanroom added to the existing facility and required a detailed design featuring our Puracore cleanroom system.

  • 4,375
  • 100+
    Fully flush doors
  • FM

Project Details

The manufacturing facility used our FM Approved Puracore system in order to achieve the requested Grade C & Grade D standard throughout.

This project had some intricate details which were carefully thought out in the design stage. It featured fully flush vision panels with 6mm toughened glass incorporated within the aluminium honeycomb partitioning while all service points were neatly integrated.

More than 100 fully flush single and double doors were installed, complete with a motion-sensor interlocking network from main corridors to airlock spaces through to the cleanrooms, minimising contamination. The walk-on ceiling with hidden suspension system allows for maintenance access where required. Bump rails were installed to non-classified corridors and material airlocks, adding protection to the outer cleanroom walls.

This project also saw a high number of service panels and integrated cable conduits compared to a typical project. Neat cable management and flexibility was important for the end user’s operations and these products met those expectations.

Products used:

  • Puracore 50mm Aluminium Honeycomb Panel
  • Fully Flush Single and Double Door
  • Vision Panels
  • Walk-On Ceiling
  • Coving
  • Ancillaries


"Being able to work closely with Puracore’s technical team to develop bespoke system details for this large project meant that the client’s expectations were exceeded."

- Mark Kendrick, CREST Business Development Director