Clear Water Revival Swimming Pool

Insulated panels for a stunning natural outdoor swimming pool

Gilcrest Manufacturing worked with Clear Water Revival, a leading specialist in luxury, naturally filtered swimming pools, to supply a number of bespoke insulated pool panels for use in an natural outdoor pool installation.

The natural 20 x 10m pool and stunning garden surrounding it was designed by Austin Design Works Landscape Architects. Clear Water Revival required a number of insulated swimming pool panels to be used in the structure of this outdoor naturally filtered pool.

Insulated panels to provide a bespoke solution

Gilcrest Manufacturing designed, manufactured and delivered 79 bespoke panels, 140mm in thickness featuring a high performance extruded polystyrene core and faced with a PET finish. Panels were provided in a number of different sizes with a variety of pre-cut openings to fit pumps, plumbing and lighting where required.

Benefits of insulated panels and results of the project

Using Gilcrest Manufacturing panels Clear Water Revival have developed and built a pool system that uses 70% less concrete than a traditional concrete shell and reduces install time from 8 weeks to 7 days.

The Clear Water Revival pool system reduces energy loss by 50% and combined with a solar cover can reach temperatures up to 26c with sun power only and no additional heating.

Gilcrest Manufacturing are delighted to see their panels used in another successful project with Clear Water Revival, where the project resulted in a stunning and environmentally friendly natural pool installation. The project highlights the flexibility and versatility of Gilcrest Manufacturing panel systems working in partnership with the knowledge and expertise of Clear Water Revival.

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