Greenwich Marketing Hub

Mineral fibre cladding panels for the Greenwich marketing hub

Gilcrest Manufacturing were recently approached to supply and deliver bespoke cladding panels for the Greenwich Peninsula marketing hub in London, comprised of a luxury boardroom, cinema and champagne rooftop bar overlooking the London skyline.

The customer Waagner Biro, an internationally renowned steel and mechanical engineering company, constructed the façade of the marketing hub.

Project requirements and challenges of specification

Gilcrest Manufacturing were required to supply 102 mineral fibre cored cladding panels to a strict tolerance and deadline; these bespoke panels were to be black and white with a wood substitute frame called ‘Purenit’.

However the sheer size and scope of the redevelopment project meant that it did present a few challenges. Firstly, the incorporation of Purenit into the requested panel design would require significant amends to the manufacturing process, in order to meet exact panel specification. The shape of the marketing hub ceiling also required certain panels to be angled, whilst others had to be made significantly larger than the existing sheet material. As a result, a combination of forward-thinking, skills and expertise were needed to provide a custom-engineered and tailored solution.

Bespoke panel engineering to provide custom solution

Gilcrest Manufacturing had the flexibility to tailor their service to the specific needs of the customer. In this case, cornered angles were implemented into the panel designs and a larger sheet material was manufactured by creating a weather-tight join within the existing sheet metal.

By using lightweight aluminium, a versatile metal, Gilcrest Manufacturing were able to create the desired curves to the panels edge. With the integration of Purenit, which has excellent insulating values and good thermal diffusion, the aluminium cladding panels add strength and durability to the building’s structure.

In order to achieve the desired outcome, Gilcrest Manufacturing extended their factory hours and ran several trials until complete satisfaction was achieved in regards to both performance and aesthetics. The panels were then delivered in immaculate condition to London.

Results of the London redevelopment project

Ultimately, the internal cladding and external rainscreen system work in conjunction to enhance the character and aesthetics of the building, whilst the cladding performs other critical functions such as thermal insulation, sound insulation and protection from environmental elements. The smooth, sleek material, with its’ ability to be curved to an almost limitless range of geometric configurations, creates a clean and futuristic design that’s very much in keeping with the overall project build.

Robert Porter at Waagner Biro, comments,

“As a new customer I can say that I was happy with the whole process. You were easy to deal with, communication was fine, and above all, the product was perfect and delivered on time. This was not a standard project for either of us and you were willing to think outside the box, work with new materials and come up with ideas and technical recommendations. I would definitely use you in the future and recommend you.”

Encapsulated by the River Thames, Greenwich Peninsula is an eclectic building that has managed to redefine an area that boasts the iconic 02 arena landmark; the marketing hub’s innovative design and the series of luxury apartments and offices that surround it all work towards creating a new and thriving local community.

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