Sunken Trampolines

Bespoke aluminium honeycomb panels for sunken trampolines lids

Gilcrest Manufacturing were approached by Sunken Trampolines, leading suppliers and installers of sunken trampolines, to develop, manufacture and supply a number of panels to be used as a lid for one of their latest installations.

Project requirements and challenges of specification

Sunken Trampolines required bespoke aluminium core panels that could be used as a lid to cover a sunken trampoline installed in a residential garden. The lid had to be tailored to fit the trampoline measurements, easy to lift and remove whilst being durable and strong enough to bare heavy loads.

Aluminium honeycomb panels to provide custom solution

From the initial meeting with Sunken Trampolines through to estimating, design, manufacture and delivery, Gilcrest Manufacturing’s skilled and dedicated team proposed their FM approved 50mm aluminium honeycomb panels as an ideal choice for the project, due to its excellent strength to weight ratio. This provided a lid that can be removed easily and safely whilst being very strong, stable and durable.

Gilcrest Manufacturing designed and supplied six bespoke 50mm aluminium honeycomb core panels to form the lightweight lid.

To match the garden and its design the panels Gilcrest Manufacturing supplied were covered in artificial turf by Sunken Trampolines and keyholes cut to allow the panels to be removed whilst retaining their strength.

The result of the Sunken Trampolines project

Ultimately Gilcrest Manufacturing were able to supply panels with the right properties to match the specifications, weight and strength requirements of the project. Sunken Trampolines were then able to customise the panels further to create an aesthetically pleasing and seamless lid for their trampoline installation.

Joel Paul, Sunken Trampolines, commented on the project’s success:

“Our client is very happy with the finished product, many thanks for all your professional input and efforts. We will certainly be using Gilcrest Manufacturing in our next installation and look forward to working with them again.”

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