Cappings, Flashings and Angles

Gilcrest manufacture bespoke cappings, flashings and angles for structures and construction, including panel systems, walls and roofing. They are available in a range of dimensions and materials – completely custom to any specification and project.



Cappings are installed to the top of panels and walls provide some improved structural integrity and a clean and aesthetically pleasing finish to panels and walls. Our cappings are manufactured to order and are lightweight, adaptable and easy to install.


Flashings are a sheet of metal used to prevent water penetration into a structure and to direct the flow of moisture in walls. Flashings are particularly important at joints between vertical walls, panels, ceilings and roof intersections or projections such as vent pipes, air returns and window openings.



Angles are generally used for applications including structural  frames, trimming, brackets and corner guards. Aluminum architectural angles are commonly used in interior design and for cosmetic purposes.


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