Lightweight Panels for Stone Veneering and Marble Cladding Services

Gilcrest Manufacturing can supply bespoke FM approved aluminium honeycomb panels to then be bonded to stone, marble and brick cladding.

These panels will comprise of thin stone and marble veneers bonded to our aluminium honeycomb backing panel. These lightweight panels look exactly the same as the original natural stone when installed as the veneering method does not affect the aesthetics. (Note: Gilcrest Manufacturing only offers the lightweight panels for the stone, marble or brick cladding. We do not supply stone and marble composite panels as a finished product.)

The process reduces raw material costs and makes the panel up to 75% lighter making it easier to transport, handle and install. Lightweight veneered panels allows elegant stone, marble and brick finishes to be incorporated into designs where standard stone cannot be.

Ultimately stone, marble veneer and brick veneer cladding is bonded to aluminium honeycomb to combine a panel product that in many ways is superior to solid stone in terms of weight, versatility, impact resistance and cost efficiencies.

Stone veneer panels, marble veneer panels and brick veneer panels can be used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications including exterior and interior cladding, bathrooms, flooring, worktops and lift refurbishment.

To find out more about Gilcrest Manufacturing panels for stone veneering services and any other information, please contact us.