Materials we use

Gilcrest have long standing, tried and tested relationships with key material suppliers and manufacturers. Predominantly UK sourced materials are inspected and approved prior to any manufacture ensuring a consistently high-quality product.

Materials and ultimately products come with a company-backed warranty. A range of existing testing and flexibility to test to specific project requirements, all contribute to best quality materials and customer peace of mind.

Aluminium Honeycomb Panels

Core-Aluminium Honeycomb

Gilcrest Aluminium Honeycomb core comes in a range of thicknesses available all offering fantastic strength to weight properties and is ideal for hygienic environments as they are non-shedding.

PIR board

Core - PIR

A thermal insulating, lightweight core available in slabs up to 1250mm wide.


Core - Styrofoam

An extruded polystyrene core with great compressive strength.

Mineral Fibre panel core

Core-Mineral Fibre

Insulating core with many uses, in particular within our acoustic paneling range.


Core - Plasterboard

Available in a range of sizes and thicknesses.

Honeycomb mesh

Core - Other

Other cores such as timber or polyurethane slabs can also be used, please submit an enquiry if you have a specific panelling need.

Aluminium panels

Panel Skins - Aluminium, Galvanised and Aluzinc

Ranges of different mill finished metals are available dependent on the requirement of the panel. Each of the panels can also be powder coated to any colour.


Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)

Gilcrest can bond glass fibre reinforced polymer sheets directly to our panels to create strong and lightweight GRP panels. Ideal for commercial vehicles, specialist wall panels and non slip floors.

Colour Coated Steel Skin

Panel Skins - Colour Coat Steel

Large ranges of different pre-painted galvanised steels are available.

High Pressure Laminate

Panel Skins - High pressure laminate

Our high-pressure laminate finishes come from 0.7mm to 6mm thick and can be applied directly to the core or as an additional protective layer on a steel finish panel.

PVC Laminate skins various colours

Panel Skins - Other PVC laminates

Other colour and finish PVC laminates are available based on quantity required.

Perforated Steel Panel

Panel Skins - Perforated steel

Our perforated steel is commonly used with a Rockwool core to offer panels with great acoustic performance.

Panel Skins – PET

Panel Skins - Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

Gilcrest supply bespoke polyethene terephthalate (PET) panels with a white polyester paint finish and an extra chemical resistant laminate are ideal for hygienic environments with aggressive cleaning regimes


Panel Skins - Plastisol steel

Gilcrest supply plastisol galvanised steel finish is often used for external or cladding finishes is strong and resistant and can be supplied in a large range of colours.

Stone panel skin samples

Panel Skins - Stone

Gilcrest offers a service to stone cladding specialists, providing a lightweight, strong, flat panel as a useable surface for many stone applications.

Stainless Steel Panel Skin

Panel Skins - Stainless steel

There is a range of stainless steel finishes which can be applied to the panel offering an easy to clean and nonporous surface with great physical and corrosion resistant properties.

Honeycomb mesh

All Others

Gilcrest has experience working with a vast range of materials such as marble, bronze, titanium and copper and are happy to consider working with any other specialist materials.

Food safe laminate panels

Panel Skins - White Food Safe Laminate

A product ideal for clean rooms, food safe laminated galvanised steel is anti-static and has a 9-year guarantee.

Formica Finishes

Panel Skins - Formica®

Heat resistant, strong, wipe-clean finishes available in a range of colours and textures. Other benefits include fire-rated and anti-microbial finishes.