With a manufacturing facility based in the United Kingdom and a highly experienced workforce, product quality is key to customer satisfaction.

Each item is individually inspected to ensure engineering standards are met. This is supported by an ISO certification, CE marked products and an FM (Factory Mutual) approval, all contributing to the ‘Continuous Improvement’ ethos.



Project sizes vary hugely. From 5 panels manufactured and supplied sometimes within a week to larger projects of up to 5,000 panels.

To understand Gilcrest’s flexibility for your project, the best thing to do is talk to a member of the team


Project Management

From the initial discussion to estimating, design, prototype, engineering and delivery, projects are owned and driven forwards by a skilled and dedicated team.


Packing, export handling & Global Logistics

Gilcrest has years of experience and delivery partners throughout the world to ensure projects get delivered safely and on time.

Gilcrest can offer a door to door service anywhere in the world making the process simple for the customer.

Cargo Crate

Supply Chain Partners

Products often become an integral part of our customer’s systems or offering. Ultimately, Gilcrest can partner your business becoming a key component in the supply chain, offering Manufacturing, assembly, packaging and distribution.