Gilcrest is recognised as the go to composite panel manufacturer for a very wide range of applications, from signage and architectural interior cladding, through to engine mounts and spray booths. Alongside our customised composite panel range we offer a number of pre-designed systems to suit different specialist applications. Gilcrest’s specialist’s team are happy to assist with any customer requirements and relish the challenge of designing and manufacturing a solution to deliver to individual needs.

facades application


Gilcrest offers a specialist façade panel service, which provides stiffness. We can apply any finish to a lightweight high strength weather resistant panel board for all external applications.

Acoustic Enclosure

Acoustic Housing, Enclosures and Booths

Gilcrest product panels for installation internally and externally to reduce plant or machinery noise. This same application has been used for recording studios and sports halls to reduce noise pollution.

Exterior Stone Cladding and Veneer

Stone Veneer and Cladding

Gilcrest Manufacturing produce bespoke FM approved, fire spread rated and GMP compliant aluminium honeycomb panels – ideal for combining with natural stone, marble and brick veneer.


Puracore® Cleanrooms

Gilcrest provides Puracore FM approved honeycomb cleanroom panels for walls and ceilings. The cleanroom panels are flat, have a high load capacity and can be supplied as framed panels with a white finish for self-assembly by approved installers.

The face of a modern titanium-clad building against a blue sky

Rain Screens

Gilcrest offers a specialist rain screen panel service, which provides stiffness. We can apply any finish to a lightweight high strength weather resistant panel board for all external applications.

Indoor swimming pool

Swimming Pools

Gilcrest provides a weather resistant insulated panel kit to insulate swimming pools. This product is supplied directly to high-end swimming pool specialists.

Flour factory interior

Curtain walling

For curtain wall companies, Gilcrest bond lightweight aluminium honeycomb panels to the inside of pre-cut cladding panels to give the panel strength without compromise to the weight loading of the project.

Stainless steel framed doors

Stainless Steel Enclosures

Gilcrest produces modular stainless steel enclosures for many applications such as downflow booths, wash booths and chemical washrooms.

Honeycomb lining panel

Lining Systems

Gilcrest offers FM approved wall-lining systems for use in clean environments, food environments and for refurbishment and new build projects.

Cappings and Flashings

Cappings and Flashings

Gilcrest manufacture bespoke cappings and flashings for panels, walls and roofs. Available in a range of materials, shapes and sizes – completely custom to any specification and project.


Modern Bathroom Suite


Gilcrest specialises in creating bespoke architectural panels for high-end commercial buildings. Supplying specially finished hygienic panels ideal for applications in bathrooms and kitchens. These panels can be made to any finish, colour and specification.

Marine Furniture Panels

Marine Furniture & Worktop

Gilcrest provides bespoke panels for customised high-end furniture manufacture. The honeycomb panel, used internally with a precise flat finish, offers a lightweight and strong core for long items such as long dining tables and worktops.

Vacuum Tables

Vacuum Tables

Gilcrest supply custom drilled framed vacuum tables. The panels are used as a flat table with holes to allow air to be removed from the product through the panel bed. Our aluminium honeycomb panels with a perforated honeycomb core and perforated aluminium skins offer a large area of table panel to distribute vacuum to hold the cloth in place during precision cutting.

laser tables

Laser Tables / beds

Gilcrest supply calibration plates, a flat surface to check machine precision. This product is utilised worldwide and employed in robotics and medical devices. The calibration plate is also a lightweight alternative material in the manufacture of scientific instruments for the field.

London Olympics sign


Gilcrest produces bespoke signage when the requirement is design specific and an extremely robust solution is needed to uphold to the rigours of any application and environment.

Gilcrest has created signage where essentially a hardy robust solution was required to accommodate the London Olympics. Please see our case study for more information.

Cruise liner

Fire Rated Panels

Fire-rated panels can be used anywhere where fire safety is a concern. Applications include but not limited to, on board ships, ferries, commercial buildings to name a few. Fire-rated panels can be finished to meet any requirement.

Scientist in Lab

Chemical resistant panels

Chemical resistant panels can be made to resist various chemicals and conditions. Ideal for Swimming pools, Cleanrooms and Weather-proofing.

Car door being sprayed in spray booth

Spray Booths

Gilcrest supply many forms of spray booths to varying widths and apertures, ranging from a standard white polyester finish up to a high-grade stainless steel specialist booth. The spray booths may be designed with a range of colours varying on both faces and can also be supplied as frame panels for superior strength.

High Load Floor Panels

High load floor panels

Gilcrest creates lightweight, steel faced panels that can handle heavy loads. These panels can be applied as high load floor panels for lift floors, gantries walkways and working platforms.



Gilcrest anti-slip panels have a textured finish for use on Lift Floors, Walk Ways and Gantries.

Office ceiling space

High load ceilings

Gilcrest High Load Ceilings are made from Framed Honeycomb panels taking up to 3.5kN per m2. Ideal for use on walk on decks, walk on ceilings and clean rooms.