Acoustic housing, enclosures and booths

Gilcrest Manufacturing’s specialist acoustic panel product range offers premium acoustic and sound-proofing solutions tailored to your exact project requirements. Having designed and manufactured bespoke insulation panels since 1946, Gilcrest have developed these products to be of the highest quality whilst remaining versatile and effective in application.

The range is led by a panel which features an insulating mineral fibre core, with a perforated steel finish to create sound absorbing acoustic panels. These acoustic panels are utilised in any environment where noise transmission and reverberation needs to be reduced to create an improved acoustic environment. It is suitable for use as tough, functional wall and ceiling panelling for areas that demand a high level of impact resistance and where panels need to be cleaned regularly.

Gilcrest Manufacturing can design and manufacture acoustic panels to construct modular enclosures and booths to surround for industrial applications including heavy machinery, generators and compressors to massively reduce noise transmission and reverberation. For walk in enclosures a variety of acoustically insulated doors are available, as well as silenced ventilation options.

The modular design of the enclosures allow a wide variety of sizes to be constructed with different panel combinations, and specially designed joining sections allow for adjoining enclosures to be created if necessary. This use of Gilcrest Manufacturing’s acoustic panels can be found in plant rooms, factories, construction and supermarkets.

Take a look at our case study on acoustic housing for refrigeration compressors for Space Engineering.

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