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Cleanroom System

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Soundproofing composite panels Cleanroom laboratory research Bedroom accommodation using modular composite panel construction Manufacture of bespoke composite panels
Full range of professional acoustic solutions for applications across public, commercial, residential and industrial premises.

Specially designed cleanroom panel systems for all classifications of cleanrooms across multiple industries and applications.

Versatile modular panel system providing flexible space solutions for industrial, commercial and domestic applications. Bespoke composite panel solutions professionally manufactured to individual requirements for all applications.
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Gilcrest Manufacturing are world renowned specialist manufacturer of composite panels manufacturers based in Bristol.

We have been manufacturing specialist commercial and industrial composite panels for over 65 years and bring this experience to all projects and manufacturing undertaken, providing a service second to none.
All products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are certified to ISO 9001 providing quality reassurance for all of our customers.

Puracoustic offers a professional range of acoustic insulation products for floors, walls and ceilings. Our acoustic insulation products provide noise reduction solutions for both airborne and impact noise using specially designed composite panels and materials to give the maximum benefit in performance

Floor acoustic insulation – structural and overlay solutions
Acoustic wall insulation – impact resistant, floor to ceiling and panel solutions
Acoustic ceiling insulation – panels, baffles and coverings

From a single cleanroom to whole complexes of cleanrooms, Puracore offers a full range of cleanrooms designed and manufactured to meet all levels of ISO 14644 and cleanroom classification from class 10,000 cleanrooms right through to class 10 cleanrooms

Puracore Cleanroom – multiple application cleanrooms ISO 6-9, class 10,000+ cleanrooms
Puracore Plus Cleanroom – pharmaceutical and biotechnology cleanrooms ISO 1-5, class 10+ cleanrooms
Puracore Technology Cleanroom – semiconductor cleanrooms for technology industries ISO 3-9, class 10+ cleanrooms

The Puraspace range offers multiple modular room solutions constructed using specially designed composite panels, enabling fast and convenient construction, without the need for specialist trades

Modular Accommodation – versatile accommodation solutions for the hotel, leisure and student industries
Modular Cleanrooms – great quality and value modular cleanroom solutions
Modular Offices – quick and convenient internal office solutions
Modular Healthcare Environments – modular build consulting rooms, dispensaries and clinical environments

Panel Projects offer customised bespoke composite panels solutions for all industries, designed and manufactured to your specifications in Bristol. Contact us with your requirements

• Marine / boating panels
• Industrial composite panels
• Architectural composite panels
• Sculptural composite panels
• Transportation panels
• Signage composite panels
• Lightweight Furniture Cores

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